Import Duty & Customs Clearance Solutions

SkyPostal handles all issues related to the international importation of your customers’ goods. With us as your partner, duties and taxes will no longer be a stumbling block for your company. We have over 30 years’ experience working with customs authorities in Latin America and we know what it takes to get your goods across the border quickly and painlessly.

We not only guide you on the cost of duties and taxes by country, we can also help you collect duties from your clients if you choose not to. Common issues such as abandoned merchandise, wasted fulfillment and transport costs, surprises from high duties and taxes, and most importantly poor customer experience are no longer issues to contend with.

Estimate Duties and Taxes


For merchants who wish to “outsource” duty and tax collection.

Via our payment portal,, SkyPostal solves the challenges surrounding the collection of import taxes and duties on cross-border shipments. By outsourcing this component of the international transaction, merchants and shippers can be assured that their customers are well informed of the duties and taxes required on their items, and that any moneys due are paid in advance in a secure and convenient manner,  before the package ever leaves the US.

The Secure Import solution eliminates parcel abandonment at destination and provides full transparency to the shopper, thus ensuring a better user experience. 

How It Works


For merchants who wish to bill their cross-border clients a fully landed cost.

Many cross-border sellers are opting to offer their international clients a fully landed cost, meaning an all-inclusive rate including merchandise cost, transport costs and import duties and taxes.  Landed cost pricing provides a fully transparent experience for the shopper and eliminates the “sticker shock” of additional fees related to customs charges once in country.

Sellers can integrate with our Duties Calculator to calculate the shipping costs and the duties and taxes due from the customer at checkout.

Sellers/shippers will pay SkyPostal for all duties and taxes prior to shipment. SkyPostal will automatically clear and subsequently deliver packages once in country ensuring a seamless process, completely transparent to the shopper. 

How It Works