Delivery of e-Commerce orders to SkyPostal Store Network.

Seller Benefits:

SkyFusion™ – On Line Parcel Tracking Process – "Tracking Events"

  • Option for store delivery selected by buyer

    Either on merchant site at order placement or SkyPostal email notification to:

    • Download SkyFusion™ Smart Phone app
    • Select his nearest store pickup
  • Parcel tracked from placement of order with online merchant carrier tracking number
  • Reception at SkyPostal Miami hub
  • Shipment to destination country
  • Customs Clearance
  • Delivery to the local store selected by the buyer
  • Notification to buyer via his Skyfusion™ app

Buyer Benefits:

Today many cross-border on line shoppers in Latin America do not wish to have their orders delivered to their home:

  • Concerned about Porch Bandits stealing their purchases
  • Greater convenience - can select a pickup store close to their home or work
  • In some cities delivery to lockers is preferred by buyers for 24 hours access

Shipping from MIA, LHR, LRD, JFK, ORD, LAX, AMS, HKG, SZX and anywhere in the world.

Latin America Shipping Locations

SkyPostal delivers for major e-commerce merchants via Asendia, Landmark, Pitney Bowes and more.

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